UFC on FX 2

UFC on FX 2 Fight Card

Demetrious Johnson vs Ian McCall

Joseph Benavidez vs Yasuhiro Urushitani

Thiago Alves vs Martin Kampmann

James Te Huna vs Aaron Rosa

Court McGee vs Constantinos Philippou

Jake Hecht vs T.J. Waldburger

Cole Miller vs Steven Siler

Kyle Noke vs Jared Hamman

Shawn Jordan vs Oli Thompson

Nick Penner vs Anthony Perosh

Mackens Semerzier vs Daniel Pineda

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What’s next for MMA’s darling Ronda Rousey after becoming the first woman to sign with the UFC?

What’s next for MMA’s darling Ronda Rousey after becoming the first woman to sign with the UFC?

It’s been almost a year to the day since Dana White announced there would “never be women in the UFC”. Then the impossible happened; Ronda Rousey became the first female fighter to sign a contract with the UFC.  But what exactly does the organization have in mind for MMA’s fastest rising star?

Ronda Rousey fighting the men of the UFC

Rousey demonstrates the armbar that got her famous

As of the publication of this article there are currently no other female fighters in the UFC.  So who exactly are they planning on matching her up with?  It would be a long shot at the least, but matching Ronda Rousey up with the men of the bantamweight division would be the only logical answer.  Let’s be honest here, who really wants to see a man fight a woman?  No one in their right minds would even entertain the notion…right?  Personally I don’t think I could stomach it.  Imagine a girl (even if that girl is the baddest chick on the planet) getting ground and pounded (I see that look on your face) by a man and eventually getting TKO’d.  Disgusting right?  So what’s the plan?

Ronda Rousey paving the way for female fighters in the UFC

So now that we have entertained and completely thrown out the idea of Ronda fighting the guys, let’s take a look at the more realistic approach.  There is a rumor going around that the UFC’s sister company Strikeforce is going to be holding its last show January 12th 2013.  If this comes to fruition then the only logical step for the UFC to take is to absorb the female fighters in Ronda’s weight class and say adios to the rest.  This is stellar news for the women in Ronda’s weight class, not so good of news for the others.  You might be wondering why the UFC doesn’t just take all the female fighters Strikeforce has to offer, why only the girls in Ronda’s weight class?  Well, quite frankly, there just isn’t enough talent or depth to support multiple weight classes and titles for women in the UFC.  It wasn’t until 2012 that 125lb men were even introduced to the UFC audience and for the same reason.  A lack of depth in a division means a lack of top-tier fights.  A lack of top-tier fights equates to sub-par PPV sales.

-What to expect for Ronda’s first fight in the UFC

Cris Cyborg protecting against amnesia

Let’s take a look in the crystal ball and see what the UFC plans on doing for Ronda’s big debut.  If I was a betting man I’d put my money on an announcement that Ronda will be facing Cris Cyborg immediately following the last Strikeforce show in January 2013.  I highly doubt we will see her headline a PPV right off the bat, I’m leaning more towards a co-main event early summer 2013.


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