GSP vs Condit

GSP vs Condit, not the “Good vs Evil” match-up we had hoped for

Battle of champions

On Nov. 17th fan favorite GSP will make his long overdue return to the octagon.

Many had hoped his return would be to bad-boy Nick Diaz and fans would be treated to the ultimate “good guy vs. bad guy” match up, but Carlos Condit put an underwhelming stop to those hopes back in February of 2012.  Carlos did just enough to win a unanimous decision victory over Diaz earning him the privilege to face the champ, GSP, in his long awaited return.

Less drama and less fight?

It’s doubtful that Condit Vs. GSP will garner as much attention as Diaz Vs. GSP as far as drama is concerned, but what about viewing the fight as just that; a fight?  If one looks at the fighting styles of both fighters and the statistics on both sides of the octagon, this fight could shape up to be quite epic, but unfortunately it won’t.  After the lack-luster performance of Condit against Diaz it’s hard to make an argument for an exciting fight this time around.  As for Georges, he hasn’t been able to finish anyone since BJ Penn’s corner through in the towel.  Negativity aside, let’s have a gander at the facts.  Firstly we have Condit who has never lost a title fight in his career, and this is indeed a title fight. Second we have an injury riddled GSP returning to the octagon after an extensive layoff.  Ring rust is a very real factor for most fighters and with Georges being absent for so long it’s difficult to asses where he’s at both physically and mentally.  Still, it’s my belief that Georges will decipher Condit’s fight style and win a decisive victory based purely on game plan execution and solid wrestling.  The only way GSP would consider standing toe to toe with Condit (who is a skilled striker) is if he wanted to make a point.  And to be quite honest, the time to prove a point is definitely not immediately following a year plus absence.  Georges will be looking for the win, but not in a fantastic manner.

The Verdict

GSP defeats Condit via unanimous decision after 5 grueling (to watch) rounds.

Best Bet

Put your money on Condit losing this title fight by decision.  If you’re looking to up the ante a little another decent bet is GSP via TKO round 5.

3 thoughts on “GSP vs Condit

  1. I predict a GSP victory, but with all the time he has been away, and with Condit’s ever improving skills, I think it will be pretty close!

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