The Ultimate Fighter Live kicks off this Friday, we’ve got all the details

TUF goes live

The Ultimate Fighter (or TUF as it is more commonly referred to) is a 13 week competition that pits an initial 32 fighters against each other with the ultimate prize of a six figure contract with the UFC. The show has always been entertaining.  Imagine placing 2 dozen guys in a house for 13 weeks with no video games, TVs, phones or computers.  The lack of stimuli combined with larger than life testosterone levels makes for electric television, and bloody fights.

In seasons past the show was previously recorded months in advance, and the contestants were most likely home and resting by the time the show aired.  This season looks to shake things up a bit by showing all 13 weeks of fights live each and every Friday night.

  Bad blood: Urijah Faber and Dominick Cruz

Cruz will defend his belt against Faber at the end of the season.

Every team needs a coach.  This season’s fighters are lucky enough to have a champion and an icon at the helm.  Urijah Faber has to be one of the most likeable personalities in the sport, hands down.  His boyish charm has won over the ladies while at the same time providing that “dude bro” feel for the guys.  Opposite Urijah is Dominick Cruz.  Cruz is not only the champ at 135, but also a longtime rival of Faber.  The two have gone back and forth relentlessly before each of their previous fights, and that has no doubt continued as they prep to lead the way for the live version of the UFC’s flagship program.

The season premiere will feature 16 fights and clock in at over 2 hours.

The dirty little details of TUF live

All 13 episodes to TUF will air on FX.  The guys in the house will be filmed during the week leading up to each Friday night.  Come Friday night the previously recorded footage will lead into the LIVE fight.


  • Season premiere: March 9th 9 p.m. (16 fights)
  • All other episodes: Friday nights at 10 p.m. (a fight a week, until semifinals)

*Note the time change and set your DVR

The Fighters

Akbarh Arreloa, Chula Vista , Calif.
Al Iaquinta, Wantagh , N.Y.
Ali Maclean, Belfast , North Ireland
Andy Ogle, Tynemouth , England
Austin Lyons, Cordova , Tenn.
Brendan Weafer, New York , N.Y.
Chris Tickle, Bloomington , Ill.
Cody Pfister, Amarillo , Texas
Cristiano Marcello, Curitiba , Brazil
Chase Hackett, Littleton , Colo.
Chris Saunders, Long Beach , Calif.
Dakota Cochrane, Omaha , Neb. (we already know all we need to about Dakota, hopefully his nonsense doesn’t over shadow the rest of the cast)
Daron Cruickshank, Wayne , Mich.
Drew Dober, Omaha , Neb.
Erin Beach, San Diego , Calif.
James Krause, Blue Springs , Mich.
James Vick, Fort Worth , Texas
Jared Carlsten, Los Angeles , Calif.
Jeff Smith, Mechanicsburg , Penn.
Jeremy Larsen, Phoenix , Ariz.
Joe Proctor, Pembroke , Mass.
John Cofer, Hull , Ga.
Johnavan Vistante, Pearl City , Hawaii
Jon Tuck, Hagtna, Guam
Jordan Rinaldi, Matthews, N.C.
Justin Lawrence, Villa Ridge , Mo.
Mark Glover, Liverpool , England
Michael Chiesa, Spokane Valley , Wash.
Myles Jury, San Diego , Calif.
Mike Rio, Miami , Fla.
Sam Sicilia, Spokane Valley , Wash.
Vinc Pichel, Sherman Oaks, Calif.

This list will be sliced in half after the first episode

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