Wrong Scores Read in Ian McKall Vs. Demetrious Johnson Fight on FX

I call this the "Stache Twister" ....

Judges score the fight a draw, score cards read wrong

Ian McKall and Demetrious Johnson put on a spectacular show of mixed martial arts last night in Australia. Both fighters went back and fourth in a 3 round, lightning-fast battle that never let up until the final bell tolled.  It was such a fast-swinging fight that I had trouble deciding who had won the first two rounds, but it was very clear that Ian McKall had secured the third.  That’s why I was shocked to hear that Demetrious Johnson was the winner according to the judges score cards.

I sat there and tried to justify it, I even went back and watched the fight a second time, with a keener eye, but had a hard time not calling it at the least a draw.  Well, turns out I was right.

Who’s to blame? Craig Waller. 

Craig Waller, a member of the Department of Sport and Recreation in South New Wales, Australia, stood up during the post-fight press conference and stated that the score cards had been read incorrectly and that he was the only one to blame.

The significance of this error holds more weight than it normally would seeing as this fight decided who would be competing for a title shot at Flyweight (125).  Now that the fight has been ruled a draw, there is no clear winner and the UFC will have to schedule a rematch.  This puts another big winner from last night, Joseph Benavidez, in the unfortunate position of having to wait for the Johnson vs. McKall rematch before he even knows who his opponent is. In other words, Johnson and McKall have to fully heal, schedule a rematch, fight, and then fully heal AGAIN before Benavidez gets his next fight.

Please keep in mind that this is not, and cannot, be the fault of the UFC, or some fabrication that Dana White threw together in an attempt to get the results he desires.  The Department of Sport and Recreation in South New Wales is its own operating body and is not under the control of the UFC.

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