Rampage-For Real

The Return on a Japanese Legend

Don't blow your load before the fight!

As Quinton Jackson began his march to the Octagon Saturday night (Sunday morning in Japan) a sense of familiarity, like that of an old friend, must have enveloped him.  The calmness and inner peace he was feeling was evident on his face as he bellowed his trademark howl during the walkout.

You see, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson was fighting in Japan long before the UFC ever had a hold of him.  Back in the PRIDE days he made a trademark out of picking guys up and hurling them towards the canvas.  We were lucky enough to see a genuine Rampage slam Saturday night against Ryan Bader- a slam Bader’s arm shouldn’t have survived.

Goodbye rotator cuff

Unfortunately slamming Bader wasn’t enough to win the fight.  Bader was successful in snatching multiple takedowns, which he used to the dismay of the Japanese fans.  The Japanese are a normally reserved people- that is until you take the fight out of a cage fight. Their normally tolerant demeanor was forgotten as Bader pinned Rampage to the mat.  In contrast, the screams of adoration and excitement rose in waves with every powerful punch Jackson threw on his feet-even the ones that missed.  Despite being the crystal-clear fan favorite, Jackson left the octagon with a tenth loss on his record.

Jackson cut around 22 lbs for UFC 144Something is missing

So what’s the deal Rampage?  Missing weight, missing the killer’s gleam in your eye as you walk to the cage.  Some would say you’ve gone soft…but not this guy.  In fact anyone who doubts Rampage as being a top 5 heavyweight is sadly mistaken.  Just take a look at the hands he was throwing Saturday night.  He could have stopped the fight with one punch-at any moment.  The problem is he’s got to want it and I mean WANT IT.  Like that hungry 21 year old kid who thinks his life depends on this one fight.  Like a man protecting his children from harm, nothing could stop him.  Motivation, that’s what Quinton Jackson needs.  He has all the gifts in the world, perhaps he just needs a kick in the ass to get going.

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