Does Frankie Edgar deserve a rematch with Benson Henderson?

A controversial decision

Frankie Edgar Looses in What Some Believe to be a Controversial Decision

To conclude an action packed night of fights in Tokyo Japan Frankie Edgar and Benson “Smooth One” Henderson pulled out all the stops in their five round war, capping the night off in style.  No, there wasn’t a devastating knockout or even a flinch inducing submission, just a five round fight to the death which saw Henderson come out on top.

Personally I can’t see the controversy in the judges decision.  Yes it is true that Frankie landed more strikes, but did you see Ben Henderson?  Not so much as a scratch on his face.  Frankie, on the other hand, didn’t fair quite as well.  Edgar definitely didn’t look the part a champ, with an eye looking more eggplant than anything human and a nose shattered by a lethal up-kick courtesy of the Smooth One.

Frankie's face after the devastating up-kick

To use a term that has become cliche when describing the former champ, Frankie Edgar has more heart than anyone.  He survived viscous strikes from every angle; leg kicks, body shots, hell even up-kicks.  Yet despite the obvious dominance Benson Henderson was displaying, Frankie never once let his will fade.  Edgar stood and traded with a bigger man (many think Edgar would be better suited at 145 as opposed to 155) and even made a comeback of sorts in the fifth round.

Edgar’s Size a Deciding Factor

While it’s a fact Frankie landed more strikes, it’s also a fact that Henderson landed the more powerful and damaging ones.  So what wins the fight; numbers or damage?  What about octagon control?  Ben Henderson had two of the three items listed here (takedowns were pretty even) making him the winner in my opinion.  Frankie just can’t get the power shots off like the bigger guys.  Now before you go attacking me with the Maynard fight remember that a well placed shot can take anybody down.  You can’t count on those money shots every fight.

Henderson takes the belt.

Frankie’s Future

I see a brief rest period in Frankie’s future.  I say he takes some time off then hits the gym hard with the thought of staying a 155, anxiously waiting for news of an injured Anthony Pettis before his title shot comes.  If either Henderson or Pettis encounters an injury before their meeting you can bet your last dollar Edgar will be the UFC’s go to guy.  However, If Henderson defends the belt against Pettis don’t be surprised if Frankie takes his heart down to 145.

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