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Diving | Archaeology

It was a blustery day in Alexandria (El Eskanderia) and the sea was full of chop. The northerly, known by the ancients as the Etesian wind, was blowing strong.  During the summer months this wind would pick up strength and provide favorable conditions for ancient mariners sailing to Egypt from Greece and the Aegean.  Just as in antiquity, the streets of Alexandria are still aligned to catch the northerly gusts that blow off the Mediterranean.  I inhaled deeply.  The air was fresh but slightly fishy.  I was chilled by the ocean air, but the sun was warm on my bare arms.  The taxi dropped me off on the corner of the Greek cemetery which spanned several blocks.  The burial grounds were surrounded by a 10-foot tall white stucco wall that was peeling in spots.  Most people don’t know what lies behind these walls.  There are no signs to…

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