What’s next for MMA’s darling Ronda Rousey after becoming the first woman to sign with the UFC?

What’s next for MMA’s darling Ronda Rousey after becoming the first woman to sign with the UFC?

It’s been almost a year to the day since Dana White announced there would “never be women in the UFC”. Then the impossible happened; Ronda Rousey became the first female fighter to sign a contract with the UFC.  But what exactly does the organization have in mind for MMA’s fastest rising star?

Ronda Rousey fighting the men of the UFC

Rousey demonstrates the armbar that got her famous

As of the publication of this article there are currently no other female fighters in the UFC.  So who exactly are they planning on matching her up with?  It would be a long shot at the least, but matching Ronda Rousey up with the men of the bantamweight division would be the only logical answer.  Let’s be honest here, who really wants to see a man fight a woman?  No one in their right minds would even entertain the notion…right?  Personally I don’t think I could stomach it.  Imagine a girl (even if that girl is the baddest chick on the planet) getting ground and pounded (I see that look on your face) by a man and eventually getting TKO’d.  Disgusting right?  So what’s the plan?

Ronda Rousey paving the way for female fighters in the UFC

So now that we have entertained and completely thrown out the idea of Ronda fighting the guys, let’s take a look at the more realistic approach.  There is a rumor going around that the UFC’s sister company Strikeforce is going to be holding its last show January 12th 2013.  If this comes to fruition then the only logical step for the UFC to take is to absorb the female fighters in Ronda’s weight class and say adios to the rest.  This is stellar news for the women in Ronda’s weight class, not so good of news for the others.  You might be wondering why the UFC doesn’t just take all the female fighters Strikeforce has to offer, why only the girls in Ronda’s weight class?  Well, quite frankly, there just isn’t enough talent or depth to support multiple weight classes and titles for women in the UFC.  It wasn’t until 2012 that 125lb men were even introduced to the UFC audience and for the same reason.  A lack of depth in a division means a lack of top-tier fights.  A lack of top-tier fights equates to sub-par PPV sales.

-What to expect for Ronda’s first fight in the UFC

Cris Cyborg protecting against amnesia

Let’s take a look in the crystal ball and see what the UFC plans on doing for Ronda’s big debut.  If I was a betting man I’d put my money on an announcement that Ronda will be facing Cris Cyborg immediately following the last Strikeforce show in January 2013.  I highly doubt we will see her headline a PPV right off the bat, I’m leaning more towards a co-main event early summer 2013.


GSP vs Condit

GSP vs Condit, not the “Good vs Evil” match-up we had hoped for

Battle of champions

On Nov. 17th fan favorite GSP will make his long overdue return to the octagon.

Many had hoped his return would be to bad-boy Nick Diaz and fans would be treated to the ultimate “good guy vs. bad guy” match up, but Carlos Condit put an underwhelming stop to those hopes back in February of 2012.  Carlos did just enough to win a unanimous decision victory over Diaz earning him the privilege to face the champ, GSP, in his long awaited return.

Less drama and less fight?

It’s doubtful that Condit Vs. GSP will garner as much attention as Diaz Vs. GSP as far as drama is concerned, but what about viewing the fight as just that; a fight?  If one looks at the fighting styles of both fighters and the statistics on both sides of the octagon, this fight could shape up to be quite epic, but unfortunately it won’t.  After the lack-luster performance of Condit against Diaz it’s hard to make an argument for an exciting fight this time around.  As for Georges, he hasn’t been able to finish anyone since BJ Penn’s corner through in the towel.  Negativity aside, let’s have a gander at the facts.  Firstly we have Condit who has never lost a title fight in his career, and this is indeed a title fight. Second we have an injury riddled GSP returning to the octagon after an extensive layoff.  Ring rust is a very real factor for most fighters and with Georges being absent for so long it’s difficult to asses where he’s at both physically and mentally.  Still, it’s my belief that Georges will decipher Condit’s fight style and win a decisive victory based purely on game plan execution and solid wrestling.  The only way GSP would consider standing toe to toe with Condit (who is a skilled striker) is if he wanted to make a point.  And to be quite honest, the time to prove a point is definitely not immediately following a year plus absence.  Georges will be looking for the win, but not in a fantastic manner.

The Verdict

GSP defeats Condit via unanimous decision after 5 grueling (to watch) rounds.

Best Bet

Put your money on Condit losing this title fight by decision.  If you’re looking to up the ante a little another decent bet is GSP via TKO round 5.

Want to get in on the UFC action around Atlanta? Here’s how.

UFC 145 Atlanta Jones vs. Evans

It’s been over 3 years since the UFC has made a stop in Atlanta.  While the wait was long, it was more than worth it.  The current light heavyweight champ Jon “Bones” Jones will attempt to make yet another example out of his former training partner-and now rival-  Rashad Evans.

No doubt we have all seen the staggering price tags on the tickets to UFC 145-floor seats alone will set you back over $400-but no worries!  If you’re a fan who wants to get in on some of the action, but watch the event from the comfort of your living room, then we might just be able to help.  Below is a list of the venues and times for free and more affordable events.

April 19th, 2012

UFC 145 open workouts – Georgia State University Gym (this event is now over)

April 20th, 2012

-12:00- Forrest Griffin meet and greet – MetroPCS in Duluth


-7:30- Dan Henderson meet and greet – Hooters Downtown Atlanta


UFC 145 Weigh-ins – The Fox Theater

-Doors open at 1:00 for a Q and A with Chael Sonnen.  Actual weigh-ins begin at 4:00-

Joe Rogan Comedy – The Tabernacle

-First show at 8:00 has sold out.  Some tickets still available for the 10:00 late show.  Joe will be filming his comedy special at this event, which is a nice perk.-

April 21st, 2012

UFC 145 – Phillips Arena



UFC saying “Goodbye” to PPV?

Tired of shelling out $55 every Saturday night to watch your favorite UFC fighters?  If the FOX deal continues to play out as nicely as it has been the PPV era may be over sooner than you think.

Over the past year the UFC has drastically increased their fight schedule and is currently occupying 3 out of 4 weekends a month (if you don’t include TUF which now airs each and every Friday).  Not all of these events are PPV, but many are.  This leads us as fans out in the cold for many events, I mean who can afford over $100 a month on fights?  It would be nice, but not realistic.  Imagine the upcoming Jon Jones Vs. Rashad Evans fight as a free event?  Not to imply that the UFC is a greedy company by any means, they did just air the heavyweight title as a free event on FOX (thank God because it only lasted 64 seconds).

Luckily there is hope on the not-to-distant horizon.  That’s right, the end on an era.  The PPV may be going the way of the Dodo.

“Yeah, I do believe there will be a day when there probably isn’t pay-per-view. With this Fox exposure, we’re only a few months into this deal, but yeah, as we continue to put on shows and showcase talent over the next several years, the fan base is going to grow bigger and bigger and bigger. As the landscape in television continues to change – a lot of people believe everything is gonna go to the internet. Like, now, when you buy your cable, and there’s basic cable and you can add other stations. We’re probably gonna get to a point where you can just pick exactly what you want. I want this channel, I want that channel, and I want that one, and that’s it. It’s very interesting to see where all this goes over the next several years, but I think the UFC is definitely gonna be a power player in the sports world.”

Going to be a power player?  We appreciate the modesty Dana, but your face is as infamous as the sport itself.

The Ultimate Fighter Live kicks off this Friday, we’ve got all the details

TUF goes live

The Ultimate Fighter (or TUF as it is more commonly referred to) is a 13 week competition that pits an initial 32 fighters against each other with the ultimate prize of a six figure contract with the UFC. The show has always been entertaining.  Imagine placing 2 dozen guys in a house for 13 weeks with no video games, TVs, phones or computers.  The lack of stimuli combined with larger than life testosterone levels makes for electric television, and bloody fights.

In seasons past the show was previously recorded months in advance, and the contestants were most likely home and resting by the time the show aired.  This season looks to shake things up a bit by showing all 13 weeks of fights live each and every Friday night.

  Bad blood: Urijah Faber and Dominick Cruz

Cruz will defend his belt against Faber at the end of the season.

Every team needs a coach.  This season’s fighters are lucky enough to have a champion and an icon at the helm.  Urijah Faber has to be one of the most likeable personalities in the sport, hands down.  His boyish charm has won over the ladies while at the same time providing that “dude bro” feel for the guys.  Opposite Urijah is Dominick Cruz.  Cruz is not only the champ at 135, but also a longtime rival of Faber.  The two have gone back and forth relentlessly before each of their previous fights, and that has no doubt continued as they prep to lead the way for the live version of the UFC’s flagship program.

The season premiere will feature 16 fights and clock in at over 2 hours.

The dirty little details of TUF live

All 13 episodes to TUF will air on FX.  The guys in the house will be filmed during the week leading up to each Friday night.  Come Friday night the previously recorded footage will lead into the LIVE fight.


  • Season premiere: March 9th 9 p.m. (16 fights)
  • All other episodes: Friday nights at 10 p.m. (a fight a week, until semifinals)

*Note the time change and set your DVR

The Fighters

Akbarh Arreloa, Chula Vista , Calif.
Al Iaquinta, Wantagh , N.Y.
Ali Maclean, Belfast , North Ireland
Andy Ogle, Tynemouth , England
Austin Lyons, Cordova , Tenn.
Brendan Weafer, New York , N.Y.
Chris Tickle, Bloomington , Ill.
Cody Pfister, Amarillo , Texas
Cristiano Marcello, Curitiba , Brazil
Chase Hackett, Littleton , Colo.
Chris Saunders, Long Beach , Calif.
Dakota Cochrane, Omaha , Neb. (we already know all we need to about Dakota, hopefully his nonsense doesn’t over shadow the rest of the cast)
Daron Cruickshank, Wayne , Mich.
Drew Dober, Omaha , Neb.
Erin Beach, San Diego , Calif.
James Krause, Blue Springs , Mich.
James Vick, Fort Worth , Texas
Jared Carlsten, Los Angeles , Calif.
Jeff Smith, Mechanicsburg , Penn.
Jeremy Larsen, Phoenix , Ariz.
Joe Proctor, Pembroke , Mass.
John Cofer, Hull , Ga.
Johnavan Vistante, Pearl City , Hawaii
Jon Tuck, Hagtna, Guam
Jordan Rinaldi, Matthews, N.C.
Justin Lawrence, Villa Ridge , Mo.
Mark Glover, Liverpool , England
Michael Chiesa, Spokane Valley , Wash.
Myles Jury, San Diego , Calif.
Mike Rio, Miami , Fla.
Sam Sicilia, Spokane Valley , Wash.
Vinc Pichel, Sherman Oaks, Calif.

This list will be sliced in half after the first episode